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Bank of America
Chicago, IL, United States (on-site)
19 hours ago
Bank of America
Charlotte, NC, United States (on-site)
1 day ago
Diageo North America, Inc
New York, NY, United States (on-site)
2 days ago
New York, NY, United States (on-site)
2 days ago
Case Western Reserve Univesity
OH (on-site)
30+ days ago
Bank of America
Chicago, Illinois, United States (on-site)
19 hours ago


Job Description:

We are a team focused on creating scalable, high-performance, low-latency and fault-tolerant services backed by distributed databases running on hundreds of machines and capable of processing billions of requests per day. Our services and tools are exposed using Google's gRPC and Protocol Buffers built on top of HTTP/2. Services and tools are written in Kotlin, Go, Java and Python and are backed by distributed databases and messaging services including HBase and Kafka. We put an emphasis on writing well-tested and performant code with visibility using telemetry data.

The candidate is not required to have knowledge of any particular technology in our stack but should be able to demonstrate prior experience in software engineering and an ability to learn and adapt. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills are required. You will be driving towards increased performance, reliability and a rich feature set of our services every day where novel challenges will be encountered regularly. You will have an opportunity to contribute your expertise, acquire new expertise and learn from other senior software engineers. The introduction of new technologies on our team is encouraged if a team member is willing to take the lead on its adoption.

We're flexible when it comes to remote work. Members of the team are given a great deal of trust when it comes to hours and location of work. We care more about results than managing time and attendance.

Responsible for providing leadership, technical direction, and oversight to a team as they deliver technology solutions. Develops solutions and processes for delivering features based on their knowledge of design/architectural patterns and Agile/DevOps practices. Ensures the systems design and requirements are aligned to achieve the desired business outcomes, and that team practices and coding/quality principles are aligned to achieve the desired technology outcomes. They have built significant experience through multiple software implementations and has developed both depth and breadth in a number of technical competencies. Designs and develops and is accountable for feature delivery. Applies enterprise standards for solution design, coding and quality. Ensures solution meets product acceptance criteria with minimal technical debt. Responsible for compliance and security items and audit support at the team level. Acts as a liaison for production activities/issues. Works with Product Owner to ensure that product backlog/requirements are healthy, with clear acceptance criteria. Guides the team on work breakdown and execution. Plays a team lead role (as an individual contributor) and mentors the team. Guides team members with skills and practices (planning & estimation, peer reviews and other engineering practices). Identifies skill and role gaps, and works with Technology Manager to address them. Works with Technology Manager in creating resource contingency plans where required. Individual contributor.

Job Responsibilities:
  • Write secure, maintainable, tested and performant code
  • Knowledge of design patterns and when to use them
  • Contribute to challenging decisions around architecture and API design
  • Understand non-blocking IO
  • Understand and work in a Unix environment in both development and production environments
  • Understand distributed database concepts
  • Take full responsibility for the full lifecycle of their code from design to production
  • Understand the work being done by your peers
  • Be agile in your ability to quickly shift direction on a project

Required Skills:
  • Strong Python Application Development skills
  • Technical business knowledge


These are technical concepts or technologies that will assist in your success in the role. Prior knowledge of these is a preferred but not required.
  • Kotlin Coroutines
  • Go
  • Non-blocking IO
  • JVM Memory management and garbage collection
  • Networking concepts
  • gRPC
  • Grafana
  • Unix
  • Protobuf
  • CAP Theorem
  • Envoy
  • OpenTSDB
  • HTTP/2
  • Python
  • Ansible
  • Kafka
  • HBase
  • Hadoop
  • Docker
  • Apache Arrow

Bank of America's Global Banking and Markets Technology Organization..
  • Believes diversity makes us stronger so we can reflect, connect and meet the diverse needs of our clients and employees around the world.
  • Is committed to building a workplace where every employee is welcomed and given the support and resources to perform their jobs successfully.
  • Wants to be a great place for people to work and strives to create an environment where all employees have the opportunity to achieve their goals.
  • Provides continuous training and development opportunities to help employees achieve their career goals, whatever their background or experience.
  • Is committed to advancing our tools, technology, and ways of working to better serve our clients and their evolving business needs.
  • Believes in responsible growth and is dedicated to supporting our communities by connecting them to the lending, investing and giving them what they need to remain vibrant and vital.

1st shift (United States of America)

Hours Per Week:

Job Information

  • Job ID: 67055293
  • Workplace Type: On-Site
  • Location:
    Chicago, Illinois, United States
  • Company Name For Job: Bank of America
  • Position Title: Python Feature Lead - Technology - Risk Market Data
  • Job Function: Information Technology
  • Job Type: Full-Time
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